Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) research is advancing the frontier of computing by endowing machines with the abilities to solve problems that require high-level—sometimes human—expertise, perform complex tasks autonomously, learn from experience, interact and collaborate seamlessly with people, and cope effectively with uncertainty and missing information. Current research in AI includes automated planning, autonomous systems, computational neuroscience and bio-computation, computer vision, heuristic search, intelligent tutoring systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, machine learning, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, probabilistic modeling and inference, reinforcement learning, robotics and human-robot interaction, search engines and search tools, sequential decision making and optimization. Applications include mobile robots that collaborate with people in an office environment, semi-autonomous driving, planning tools to protect endangered species, discovering trends in news and social media.

FTA offers classes that assist individuals to curve their own innovations in machine learning and create jobs in industries they are interested in. This is done in collaborations with various stakeholders who offer certifications on the, classes, seminars and workshops attended.

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