Operating in a secure, distributed and decentralized framework, Blockchain technology is lowering costs, speeding up processes, and building a new level of trust in business transactions by ensuring auditing and security along the way.
Introduced in 2009 as the core mechanism for the Bitcoin, Blockchain technology enables the creation of a decentralized environment, where transactions and data are not under the control of any third party organization. Any transaction ever completed is recorded in a public ledger in a verifiable, secure, transparent and permanent way, with a timestamp and other details.

Blockchain is decentralized on two of the three possible axes in software decentralization:
• politically decentralized – meaning that no one controls it;
architecturally decentralized – no infrastructural central point of failure exists;
• logically centralized – there is one commonly agreed state and the system behaves like a
single computer.
Anyone has the autonomy to access a blockchain, to download a copy and play a role in
maintaining the blockchain, thus that computer becoming a node. The copy will be actively updated along with every copy on every other node, edits can only be made to the blockchain with general consensus among the individuals running a node
Future Tech offers the following blockchain services

1) Smart contract
Smart Contracts are a set of terms programmed on top of the Blockchain that self-execute when all predetermined conditions are met. They are used in automating different processes, procedures and operations across various industries such as finance to healthcare etc.
FTA develops smart contracts that eliminate third-party agent thus saving companies time and money, while also guaranteeing maximum accuracy and security.

2) Token Development Services
Future Tech academy offers comprehensive token services for companies at any stage of token development. We assist clients in the development of white papers for ICOs. This is done through the support of robust knowledge on the underlying technology that supports the service’s capabilities. We offer the architectural planning of tokens, and best practice implementation.

ERC20 Token Contracts
FTA also work with clients that need ERC20 token contracts, crowdsale contracts, and additional service contracts such as DAOs (decentralized autonomous organization) and Escrow.

Token Wallets
FTA develops token wallets that are customized and cane be used to store tokens and participate in token sales.

Token Testing
FTA clients are privileged to get reliable and efficient token testing services that include unit testing and code review to ensure alignment with best practices and compliance with ERC-20 token standards. We do pilot tests and conduct small automated ICO simulations and GAS/cost analysis of the ICO.

Mock ICOs
We also conduct small automated ICO simulations and a GAS/cost analysis of the ICO.

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